Los Angeles, California

Defy Supply. Please.

If you are looking for furniture DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! It looks gorgeous. It seems inexpensive for the quality. The company appears to be totally legit, but yet...You choose what you want, order it, give your credit card info and it's all good.

Until your card is charged and then you get a message saying "Congratulations! Your order will be shipped in 6 weeks". WTF!!! 6 weeks?!?

What am I supposed to sit on for 6 weeks, lawn chairs??? Oh, then they send you a "gift card" from this naked wines place that "congratulates" you for your purchase by giving you 50.00 in free wine. "COOL" I say. Until I go to naked wines and discover that they only ship 6 bottles at a time and my "gift" will end up costing me 237.00 if I chose the wines I wanted.

If I chose their version of Boone's Farm Tickle Pink, I'm sure it would have saved me a few bucks, but still.

BTW, I LOVE the style of the chairs that finally arrived, but the color was NOTHING like the color on the website. Mint green and lime green are not even close in my eyes.

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