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I must say that I'm very pleased with the quality of the sectional, it's well built and the color is awesome. The delivery team was professional, and did a very good job bringing it in and setting up the damage whatsoever....which is a big relief in its self.

However...I'm concerned because the material used on the armrest is most definitely NOT leather. I am aware that leather/vinyl match is common with leather furniture, but with this particular purchase, at no time before, during, or after the purchase, was the use of vinyl disclosed as a material to be used in the construction of this particular item. In fact their website says..."upholstery; Thick Leather". It doesn't say anything about "vinyl".

I personally think the quality of the leather used is good..but the use of vinyl on the arm rest? Although I'm not thrilled about the vinyl mixed with leather, I can understand the use of it on the sides,backs and other strategic areas...but on the armrests where the body touches? I could've purchased a leather/vinyl match locally and paid less not to mention having it months ago when I ordered this one. I feel like I was flat out lied to about the composition of my purchase.

Don't get me wrong....I love the really is beautiful. But when people are led to believe that the items for sale are made of "leather" stated on your website...and not "leather and vinyl" not stated anywhere on your website, customers are more likely to feel...and continue to feel like they or we were deceived. That's exactly how I feel and I'm sure others that were not expecting vinyl to be a part of their "leather" purchase feel this way also. If the site stated "leather/vinyl match"...I would be fine with it....other than the fact that the vinyl is on the armrests(so sad), But because your website did not disclose this most basic of descriptors...I have a major issue with this.

Not only is this unethical and deceptive, it's border line criminal. And I have all intentions on pursuing this issue as vigorously as possible. The sad part is this type of issue is so easily remedied by adding a few key words to a website to inform people of exactly what materials are used to produce said items...that's it... Noting more...nothing less.

Unless of course Defy supply's intentions are to deceive customers into making purchases then subject the customers to a long drawn out delivery process in an attempt to agitate one to the point of canceling the order which compliments their cancelation/return policy and then hold your monies hostage by way of store credit ( that actually has an expiration date)1year,and if you don't use lose it...(even more sad ). So in the event that the customer wants a refund for whatever reason, forget about it. It is now convict money condemned to a death sentence on "theft row" at defysuply state penn. Once again I must say...overall I'm pretty happy about this purchase other than the 13 weeks for delivery(web site says 6-7 weeks) )and yes I do realize this is just an estimate)..but Defy Supply knows this is grossly inaccurate and still chooses not to change it on the site to be more in line with actuality in the real world...and the fact that this item was advertised as "leather" and in all actuality it should be advertised as leather/ vinyl match.

What's the point in having good prices and good quality if its undermined by shoddy/deceptive marketing practices causing potential and or return customers to question the truthfulness of what they read in descriptions compared to what is received in reality. With that being said...I also intend on posting this letter in all my social media accounts and anywhere else on the web that will allow me to post. I think it's only right and fair for potential customers to know about all online business experiences, good and bad.

Also if and when the time comes and I feel that this matter has been reasonably and fairly addressed, I will post again letting the web know of the outcome good or bad. I'm not doing this to be some sort of *** or something....just believe that merchants should be upfront and honest about what they are selling

to people shelling out hard earned money for whatever is purchased

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