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Ordered sofa online with written instructions on invoice that if they could not provide the color I wanted, then cancel order. I talked to them on the phone and they told me they'd send me a swatch. The did not mention the return policy.

They sent me a picture of a leather swatch 3 days later. I advised that since I couldn't tell for sure, that I did not want the product, and to cancel the order.

2 weeks later I saw on the credit card statement that the charge was still there. I contacted the company and they stated that their policy was that I had to cancel within 24 hours. Now I could only get a store credit, and they were charging me a 20% restocking fee for something they did not un-stock to begin with.

This is at the very least, unethical business practice. They did not tell me about the return policy, nor is it displayed for all to see. You must search for it. Something I did not do, or I would NEVER have tried to do business with them.

They were notified when I sent in the order that if they could not guarantee the color that I did not want the sofa. They did not get back with me for 3 days, and then expected me judge from a picture on a computer monitor as to whether it was the right color or not. This also was not explained to me when I was on the phone with them. When they said that they'd send me a "swatch', I thought it would be by snail mail. Even Rooms to Go sends out free swatches.

So here I am. Because of their actions (or inaction as it were) they will not refund my money, will only give me a store credit for $1,633. and are charging me a 20% restocking fee for nothing.

I am a disabled senior citizen. I have a limited income and limited mobility which is why I shop on-line. I spent alot of time saving this money and shopping for a specific sofa. Now I am out the money and no sofa.

I swear or affirm that the events as listed above are true and factual to the best of my ability to recount them as they happened. I am writing this to alert other consumers to check the return policy of this company as it gives the consumer limited time (24 hours) to withdraw, recant, or cancel the order. Giving this company instructions, as they ask for on the invoice should, but does not protect the consumer in any way. The company only provides for a storejh credit plus charging a re-stocking fee, whether or not they pull an article.

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Thanks, but unless i get my money back, I'll be sitting on the floor for the foreseeable future.



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