Orlando, Florida

The following "Satisfaction Guarantee" is from their website. They lied to my wife and I about the quality of the product and the refund policy.

The managers NEVER called back or had the fortitude to answers our calls or emails. They let the lackeys in the cubical farm pose as representatives of the company to handle the 100's of angry customer calls. Do an average google search of the company and you will find the same story of their company model being a gigantic scam. Please do not buy from this company!!

It looks like a good deal, but it is not. They will take your money and you will be left with an empty spot in your living room where your old couch used to be..

"Satisfaction Guarantee

When you shop at DefySupply.com, you never have to worry (its a lie, you should run for the hills!!!). Our team scours the globe for high quality (cheapest stuff we could throw together) and low-cost products. Each of our manufacturers are hand selected and must pass our rigorous screening process(do you have a heart rate?

Are you breathing? Then you pass for Defy Supply). All products are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. It rarely happens, (actually it happens all the time but we do not care about you or your *** couch, just put your credit card info and hit submit!!!), but if a product becomes defective, the manufacturer will simply send a replacement (the manufacturer in China, good luck getting ahold of them!!).

We stand behind everything we sell and promise you a great experience( by great experience we mean we will charge your credit card immediately and never issue a refund even if the our *** furniture burns down before it hits your front door, just hit submit!!!) . To hear what our customers have to say, check out a few DefySupply reviews."

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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