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Consumer Complaints & ReviewsSri of Tega Cay, SC on Oct. 26, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5These ** robbed me. I have ordered one sofa and cancelled at the 25th hour. They said they will take 20% for the restocking fee and give the store credit for the remaining amount. Absurd, mean people. I am not going to leave them. I am going to attack them in social media.

Alex of Birmingham, MI on Oct. 10, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5The order took more than 3 months. When it finally got delivered, the condition of the furniture was appalling - the packaging was badly damaged, the desk was completely broken (it was actually debris contained within the disintegrating packaging). The bedroom set was missing hardware (crews and brackets). They still did not reimburse us for the desk. I do not understand how this company is still in business. The practices are bordering the definition of fraud. The savings are not worth the aggravation and time lost waiting and dealing with the incompetence. I strongly advise potential customers to read the reviews prior to ordering from Defy Supply.

Juliet of Saint Louis, MO on Oct. 2, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5In July 2012, we purchased a new, 3-piece leather sectional sofa from Defy Supply for our new Florida condo. In August, they delivered a filthy, damaged, used (floor model?) sofa missing the third section. We immediately contacted customer service, who assured us that the company would take care of everything. We emailed many photos and the online claim form. Since then, in spite of over 40 phone calls and emails to the company, we cannot get anything done. Customer service says they can't transfer us to corporate, that there are no supervisors except at corporate, and that there's nothing they can do. We've since viewed the Better Business Bureau review of Defy Supply, as well as, and we realize that we're just the latest in a long line of scammed customers.

Joe of West Wareham, MA on Sept. 20, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I ordered four bar stools from Defy Supply that were said to be in stock and ready to ship within 3-5 days. Not only did they take three months to arrive, two were the wrong color (I ordered a cream color and received a bright orange) and the other two were ripped, damaged and missing - not only the hardware - but the pole to attach the seat to the base (which was also missing). So basically, they sent two ripped and torn seats!

After contacting the company and sending photos per their request, nothing has been done. I was told the manufacturer had to be contacted to supply the missing pieces. When I pointed out that their website stated they had two stools in stock, I was told they wanted to sell those to someone else to make money! I expected to receive quality merchandise and instead was sent used and damaged merchandise in the wrong color with missing pieces and months later no one seems at all interested in rectifying this matter! This is the most unprofessional business I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with! They are charging top price and sending garbage! Do not do business with this company!

Florence of Canton, OH on July 31, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I ordered a living room set, a table set with 6 chairs and a bedroom set from Defy Supply on April 17th, 2012. I was so excited by the beauty and style of the furniture. Today is July 31st and I still don't have any furniture. I called numerous times about the delivery and was told it was at the manufacturer, then it was being inspected for weeks and weeks. I finally got a ship date for July 26th. When the shipping company arrived, they brought in the pieces of the white chairs (which by the way weren't white because they had black hand and finger prints all over them). They stated that they looked used and old. The seams were also coming apart.

The killer was, they said Defy did not send the instructions on how to put anything together. Also, the trim was coming off the night stands and the table frame was scratched up. I did not look at the couch set because they said I had to send it all back or none. I immediately called Defy who told me that I should have accepted the order and they would have had someone come out and clean and sew the chairs, clean and sew my new furniture that I paid $3,400. While I was waiting for this, it was just to lay in my floor in pieces waiting for action from a company that took 15 weeks to deliver defective goods. I have no resolution yet but I call them every day and I post something every day so others will know what I went through.

Kirk of Hollidaysburg, PA on July 18, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5When I placed my order, I was told my order would be here within 5 to 6 weeks. However, that was only estimation but rarely does it take longer. The order took 15 weeks to arrive. "If you choose to cancel your order 24 hours after it has been placed, you are eligible for a 80% refund in the form of store credit only. All Store Credits expire 1 year after issue - regardless of the reason it was issued." This is copied directly from their terms and conditions. I would never buy from this company again.

Tina of Lorton, VA on June 26, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5My order was put in on April 4. It is now June 26 and the couch has yet to arrive. They sent an email on June 6 that I can now schedule a delivery. Delivery can only be made during week days and they cancelled the delivery last minute because they said they don't have the couch to be delivered yet! Awful, awful, awful!

Sarp of Sarasota, FL on June 8, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5We purchased 4 acrylic chairs from Defy Supply. The approximate shipping time was 5 weeks when in actuality it took 11 weeks. One of the chairs was defective. We were unable to put it together and it had a stain within the acrylic. We attempted to communicate with their customer service. We even sent photos as requested. After receiving no solution from the customer service representative, we asked to speak to someone from the company headquarters and we were told we could not. Bottom line, Defy Supply did absolutely nothing. They did not try to fix the problem. They took our money and did not care about customer satisfaction one bit. Do not buy from this company. If there is something wrong with your purchase, you are stuck with it!

Clem of Dublin, CA on March 20, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I chose one of the several couches that had in their description "adjustable headrests". The couch was 3 weeks late and upon discovery, I found that the headrests were not adjustable at all. I talked to the customer service rep and she proceeded to email the corporate office. I received an email from the corporate office stating that they had to contact the manufacturer in China, but that they were closed for Chinese New Year for the entire month of February.

A month later, I received a call from customer service stating that the manufacturer had confirmed that the headrests were not adjustable and that I could receive a $100 in store credit. I stated that this was not acceptable and that I wanted it replaced with a model that had the feature. The customer service rep sent my response back to the corporate office for a response. It took 3 weeks and at least 5 phone calls for me to get a response back which did not change.

I have now gone through American Express to dispute my charge and the company has come back to them saying that there is nothing in the description that states that the headrests are adjustable. Of course! The company promptly removed this description from the item on their website the day after they responded to me. I have now sent Amex the email exchange I had with them regarding the headrests in order to get this resolved.

Jay of Murfreesboro, TN on March 12, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I ordered a sectional from Defy Supply on Thanksgiving night of 2011. The estimated delivery date was 5-6 weeks. The week after New Year's, we had not heard anything about our order, so we called to check on the status. After several attempts, we finally were able to talk to someone who told us the manufacturer had "run out of materials" and would begin production in about 2 weeks. I told them this was not acceptable because we had just moved into a new house and had nothing to sit on. I told them I just wanted to cancel my order and they said there would be a 20% "re-stocking fee". I asked them how there could be a re-stocking fee when they had not begun making it yet. Then they changed their story and said it had begun production before they ran out of materials.

I cancelled the payment with my credit card company and we purchased another couch. Now my credit card company is saying Defy Supply won the dispute because of their terms and conditions (which I have yet to see). I may end up with a store credit to Defy Supply, but I can guarantee I will never use it. I urge anyone who reads this not to do business with this company. They hide important information in the fine print knowing most people won't see it and they will have you at their mercy.

Rebecca of Sparks, nv on Feb. 23, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5Incorrect Order, Defy Supply - I saw a sofa I like, to be in Italian leather, it was a sofa with a chaise. The picture I saw when I ordered had the chaise on a different side then what I needed, so before I ordered, I called their sales department and told them what I was looking for, so they advised me how to order. Reversing the picture, I was viewing at the time, but when I got the order it was on the wrong side. I was told that delivery would be 5- 6 weeks, it was 14 weeks before they finally delivered it and it was wrong to boot. The color I ordered was to be more of beige, but when arrived it was orange, not light brown as I had ordered 14 weeks prior.

When I called them, as I had refused delivery, they said this was a special order and it was not refundable, returnable or exchangeable... and I should have known that, but nowhere on their website for this sofa is stated that it was a special order or I would not have ordered it if I knew this beforehand. Now, they are himhawing, saying they can't return it or give me a refund and shame on me for not reading the fine print on their website that wasn't there. My question is why didn't their sales tell me that before I ordered it, when I talked to them, which I intentionally did before I ordered it. Bad news company and customer service for sure! Don't buy from this company who has a lack of integrity!

Karl of Schaumburg, IL on Feb. 17, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I ordered living room furniture on January 4, 2012 and they said estimated time is 5-6 weeks. And now they say that read the terms 7 conditions. We can't guarantee and have no control on manufacturer. It looks like I am being cheated by money and time.

Santana of Woodbridge, VA on Feb. 15, 2012Satisfaction Rating1/5I've had the same issues and problems ordering from this company as well. I ordered an office chair back in November and still have yet to receive it. Their customer service is the absolute worst and they give you the runaround as well. Four months later and I have still yet to receive an office chair. WTF! Don't buy from this company! I also reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

Regis of Dana Point, CA on Aug. 8, 2011Satisfaction Rating1/5I purchased 24 aluminum tables and 6 aluminum chairs. They arrived 3 months late. The customer service was unreachable. When they arrived, 9 chairs and 3 tables were missing parts or had parts that were not part of the item. I used them for my business for 2 months and the chairs and table broke. I had to take them off the floor to avoid dangerous situation. They gave me the run around for 2 months and finally refused to reorder or refund. Never again.

Mark of Annapolis, MD on March 2, 2011I ordered a 3 piece sectional, and after 3 months and no delivery, I finally reached customer support and was told that one of the three pieces was lost and they will deliver the 2 and reorder the missing piece but there is no guarantee that the leather will match so I will be seeking some recourse. I have found several posts of similar complaints since and am finding this an unusually frequent event with this company. I spent over $2,500 and have nothing at this point.

Ayla of Estero, FL on Dec. 22, 2010I have purchased 24 All weather tables, as they advertised on their website, and 8 dining chairs for my restaurant. They said delivery was going to take 6-8 weeks, but it took them 12 weeks. Everything was in boxes, and not assembled. While I was assembling them, 4 of the tables couldn't even be assembled, because their brackets were cracked.

I assembled and put them all to my patio, 16 of them have fallen apart within the first week. I couldn't even put the dining chairs together, because they were rusted within the boxes that they have been sent in. I took at least 50 separate pictures of the tables and the chairs, sent several emails, and called them at least 15 times. They don't even care. I spent $2,600-$2,700 altogether. The crappy tables sitting at the patio of my restaurant. They have offered me a $500 refund, and they wouldn't even answer my calls or emails. There must be an organization to look out for our rights!

I have opened a very nice restaurant, spent quite a lot money to the design, and built, but ended up receiving crappy dinning chairs and patio tables. Now my restaurant looks like a wrecked, old place! Paint of the tables sticks to the diners arms, and everyone is complaining that they can't even put their shopping bags on the tables, thinking they will break apart. Aside from the financial damage this purchase cost me, it also damaged the fine dining restaurant image that I was trying to create. On top of it, the stress they added to the stress that I was having from opening a brand new restaurant.

Lance of Andover, MN on Dec. 29, 2009I purchased a sectional sofa back in September of 2009. It was originally suppose to take 5 weeks to be delivered but we did not receive the item until week 10 after the order. The sectional received was the wrong color and the ottoman was the wrong size. We requested a full refund for a return of the couch but they refused stating that "actual colors and sizes may vary." We have since been holding the couch and have filed a legal complaint to sue them in conciliation (small claims) court. I urge any of you with similar occurances to do the same. I will never do business with this company again and will fight in court to get my full refund.

Remy of Fresh Meadows, NY on Dec. 7, 2009I have placed an order about five weeks ago for chairs for my busines with special indication that my business can not be started until I receive these chairs (Salon). I was given 4-6 weeks for receiving time. After I waited 5 weeks, they tell me they wont have the chairs until second week of January, which means it will take even longer to get to me.Since they told me last minute and I can not start my business which means losing a lot of money, I wanted to cancel the order and have a refund. They then told me they will only give me 90% back, for cancelllation fee, for something that is solely their fault. They did not ever have the chairs in t heir posession, and I was never told that until I waited a very long time.

Please look into this. I need a full refund, not 90% or the chairs received when I was told I would receive them. Not 2 months late. I also have the emails for you to look at. They're uncooporative, not picking up the phone and acting very unprofessional. Thank you so much.

Treasure of Sulphur, LA on June 18, 2009I ordered salon chairs on November 26, 2008. It took about seven weeks to receive the chairs. I tried calling them several times but I cannot get anyone to answer or return any of my phone calls. When I received the items, they were damaged. I refused the shipment and sent them back. I have received four emails saying that they would report me to the Credit Bureau if I did not pay the 20% restock and shipping fee. I sent a check in and it was returned twice. Now, they called me and said that they were going to charge my card again. But they "don't" keep any information on file, so how can they do that?

Dawn of Yonkers, NY on May 12, 2009I ordered outdoor funiture on 3/3/09. Delivery to be in 4-6 weeks. It is now 10 weeks. The shipping company (Home Direct USA) is horrible. No communication ever telling me my shipment was damaged and being held up. The it was shipped to IN. and now I have to wait until 5/14 to have it shipped to NY because they did not load it on "this" truck. It will be 11-12 wks (I hope) when I get this. David at the company was pleasant but of very little help and did not follow up with the shipper to make sure the product was on its way. Cannot get my $1,019.00 back because they won't refund. Extremely dissappoined with the whole process and basically told to sit and wait...Sorry for the delay.

Gloria of University Park, PA on April 16, 2009

My husband and I ordered a section from this company in May of 2008 (Last Year) and we have not received the right one yet and it is April 2009. The company has low prices but you never get what you ordered. The first sofa was not the sofa we order, the second broke during shipment, the third was delivered in the wrong color again and fabric and the forth was suppose to be shipped to us by March 15th 2009 and then it changed to April 13th 2009.

It is know April 16th and still no sofa. No word from the company, no word from the delivery company. The company basically put this off on the delivery company which happens to be a very badly delivery company. They have not checked to see if I have got the sofa or even checked that the delivery company has been doing their job right. They basically wrote an email thanking me for buy a product that I never got. I called the delivery company and they said the delivery date is only an estimate and they could not tell me when my sofa would be delivered. They mention it would be in my state by April 11th. It was not. It was still in Plainfield IN, where it had been for about a week and a half as far as I can tell from the tracking. I have no idea what is going on? This is the worst company on the planet. There is no reason why a sofa should take almost half a year to be delivered! Never ever again.

I am sharing my experience with this company you so I can warn people. Their prices are not that low and not worth this stress and the time you spent waiting.

Never order from this company again. Never will I order from an online company again.

Tommy of Provo, UT on Feb. 9, 2009I recently bought a dining room table with a set of 4 chairs from After about 3 weeks I had not received my items and became worried. I sent an e-mail to Customer Service and received an e-mail back explaining that shipping takes 4 weeks. I wasn't convinced so I called their customer service line and was able to talk to a very nice individual who was able to provide me with the tracking information for my products.

Additionally, he had UPS contact me to ensure that my products were en route. Initially, I was displeased with their service, however, after talking with a customer service representative, I felt at ease. Overall, I was satisfied with their service and would purchase from again.

Gregory of Hartford, CT on Dec. 15, 2008

I wish to withdraw my complaint against Defy Supply.

Since the complaint I discovered that email correspondence with Defy Supply will get you to a representative almost immediately. Shortly after the complaint, I got a hold of them and they informed me of the new (and quicker) delivery date and they apologized for the inconveinence. The new delivery date is faster than their website advertises, and they are doing their best to accommodate my order.

Their customer service is outstanding, but it's tough to get to. However I would like to take down my complaint from consumer affairs, and if everything goes as smoothly as it looks, then I will not repost.

Srikanth of Houston, TX on Dec. 10, 2008

I have ordered a TV stand worth about $180, about two weeks after the order, I was told that there is damage to my order and I was given a choice to cancel my order or order similar item. I chose similar item and after 8 weeks of waiting I have got a crappy incomplete set of equipment with no installation guide. The quality of the equipment is bad, I would no put a candle stick on this let alone a LCD TV.

I lost about $150 on this exchange I feel outraged. Unlike the other women I dont want to waste my resources, all I can do is for now warn others to stay away from these guys. The prices are attractive, but if you can stick with your local IKEA, you dont have to go through the trouble.

Greg of Hartford, CT on Dec. 8, 2008Ordered a dinette set on 10/13/08. After 7 weeks I called to check on the status of the order. They told me on 12/15 it was scheduled to go out the next day. I called on 12/18 and said that the set had been broken before loaded on the truck. They also said they sent me an email explaining what happened, none was sent.

I have placed calls on 12/19 and 12/22 and now no one picks up their customer service line. There is also no 'live help' available through their site. They said they would try to get the order out. I don't believe they will.

$438.62 paid for the product.

Aaron of Nyc, NY on Nov. 16, 2008DefySupply is one of the few companies i've worked with that I'm actually happy to write a positive review on. I have had excellent experiences with them. They have been fantastic in every regard. Their shipping does take a long time, but their prices are so low and quality is so high that neither myself or my customers mind. I'm an interior designer and my clients have all loved their products.

Pamela of Paducah, KY on Oct. 13, 2008I ordered a leather sectional on-line and was assured by the salesman if I didn't want it or didn't like it, there would be no problem getting my money back. I was informed that Customs had taken the couch in question and there would be an extra delay of a few more weeks, I have already waited 5 weeks.

I called to cancel my order and can't imagine what happened to it in customs and was informed via e-mail that Defysupply would only return 20% to my visa card and keep the other 80% as a store credit...Does this sound criminal to anyone else besides my associates?

Small claims court fees, travel to Minneapolis, hotel/food/gas cost and lost wages at work.

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