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I ordered the Paragould Microfiber Sectional Sofa from defysupply.com on May 17th, 2012. I was quoted 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Almost 11 weeks later, on July 31, 2012, I received the sofa. I did not choose the "white glove delivery service option" therefore the sofa was delivered into my home and left in the original packaging. I inspected the four boxes that were delivered and noted on the delivery receipt/report that although there was no damage to the outside of the boxes, the boxes were not opened for further inspection.Upon opening the boxes, the poor quality of the sofa became evident. The frame of the lounge section was bent.

I also noticed that the front, left leg of one section of the sofa was damaged. The leg, which seems to be made of a cheap quality metal was crushed and pushed up into the frame. In addition, the manufacturer used the incorrect screws to attach the legs to the sofa. This presents the likelihood that all legs will eventually break due to normal use of the sofa.

I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the sofa. I have never seen a sofa so cheaply made. There is no cushioning in the arms - when you rest your arm, you feel a piece of fabric wrapped around a piece of plywood. The back cushions and seat cushions are stiff as a board.

When inspecting the damaged section, I was astonished to see the frame construction of the sofa. This sofa is unsafe and could be potentially dangerous. All this for a price of over $1400.00! We are not only disappointed in defysupply.com, we feel scammed.

I called the moment I unwrapped the sofa and saw what we received. I told customer service that I wanted them to pick up the sofa and credit our American Express for the full invoiced amount of $1419.17. The sofa is not as described on their website and the issue I have is that the product is defective. I placed the order, but they did not provide us with a quality product that was safe for use.

I contacted them first and was told to fill out a form on their website outlining the problems, which I did. I was told that they would review the case and either send someone out to repair the damage (which is impossible) or wait another 11+ weeks to receive a replacement sofa. I would never order from a merchant like defysupply.com again, who would knowingly sell a product like this. It is unbelievable that they had the gall to send me an email stating that this sofa passed a "quality inspection" on July 11, 2012.

When I refused these two options I was told to call back so that a supervisor could review the case.

The following day, I called and was told that since I had disputed the charge with American Express, they could do nothing to assist me. Do not order from Defy Supply.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Lot to be said for the brick and mortar locally owned stores owned by people who care about repeat business


Defysofa, we will *** soon. I lost $1200.

I will make you pay every penny through social networking.

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